Our Story

Helping YOU since 2011

We love to empower people from all backgrounds and provide support during their integration into the workforce. 

We believe we can fulfil our purpose to give back to society and make a fundamental change in people’s lives and the future of their families.

An evening in 2011, we were shocked by the events on the news reporting that an average of over 6.4 million people migrated globally per year between 2005-2010. Thinking to our migration experiences that our own families had, we pondered on the difficulties that people face when transitioning their whole lives to a new place. It was devastating to learn how many people face racism, rejection from civilisation, and encounter an overwhelming amount of hardships due to the lack of knowledge and understanding. We were shocked to realise how little was being done to actively help foreigners transition seamlessly into new societies, so we knew something had to be done. So we created UNITY.


Over the recent decades immigration has increasingly become a decision families tend to consider in order to benefit the livelihoods of their children and the future generations of their families. While leaving one’s society and culture is difficult on its own, integrating into a new society and lifestyle has its own set of challenges. Learning a new language, customs, and set of laws are a few cultural barriers people may have to face when immigrating. In the context of the workplace, there are a new set of standards and methods to absorb when going through the process of cultural assimilation. We aim to foster learning in the latter areas.


Our mission is to guide people through a smooth transition into a new society, culture and workplace, through training and skill development in order to foster new opportunities and futures for those venturing into a new country to call home.


Did you know that there were over 541,400 migrant arrivals in 2019, just in Australia, and 4.9 million globally? We are striving to strengthen our efforts in order to assist more and more arrivals each year, and to expand our horizons all around the globe to help simplify migration and integration for all of humanity.

Through our programs you and your family will have the opportunity to talk with one of our counsellors tailored to your needs with the support you want. It is not easy to seek this advice and we understand that being in a foreign country makes it even harder, which is why we will come to you.

With over 100 cultures explored, we have experiences in many regions, allowing you to work with someone who is experienced in your area of migration. We are eager to work with you and we look forward to creating a positive and seamless immigration transition all over the world.