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We offer personalised services based on industry, demographic, generation, goals, financials and more, that will help you OVERCOME  any challenges YOU might face in your future working experience.


Saurabh Darpe

Unity helped me develop a whole new set of skills that have been extremely useful in my daily working environment. I couldn’t be happier with the result”


Phill Miles

Unity helped me enhance my confidence and skills when starting at KPMG, I will be forever grateful for their assistance.”


Sally Ray

With help from the lovely team at Unity, I can effectively and efficiently ensure my team are integrated smoothly which enhances my companies ability to perform successfully. It is a specialised and cost effective program.”


Rocio Gonzalez

Thanks to their personalised services, I finally feel confident to explore and excel in new working environments and I can confidently conquer unexpected situations.”

Meet Our Team


With a combination of accounting, law, finance, international business, engineering and economics, we offer a range of options to suit a variety of clients.

With a diverse cultural background of Spanish, Persian, Croatian and Australian, we can help you make your ideas a reality.

Jorge CUnado

Expertise: International Business

Jorge’s main strengths are creative design, strong communications skills and adaption to diverse situations.

With years of experience, Jorge ensures that everyone possess the necessary knowledge to succeed on every type of working environment situation.

Jorge is a native Spanish and English speaker. 


Zoe Mlikota

Expertise: Law and Accounting

Zoe’s core skills are process optimisation, commercial awareness and outstanding problem solving.

As an operations professional, Zoe ensures that things run smoothly according to a specialised operations strategy plan to keep employees on-track.

Zoe is a native English and Croatian speaker.

Finn Laxon

Expertise: Accounting and Finance

Finn’s ability to think outside the box and sustain a high level of motivation through tough times helps him satisfy his clients needs.

An employee who has a vast knowledge of the professional services industry, Finn understands the necessity of working under pressure and maintaining comradery in a team environment.

Merat Boukaghaei

Expertise: Economics and Civil Engineering

Merat has primary strengths in areas of physical and technical problem solving, community groups, career prospects, and can cater to all backgrounds and situations. 

With his high involvement in culture and unity community groups, Merat has vast understanding about the challenges that people face during migration, as well as the experience and resolutions that were required to assist in cultural integration.

Merat speaks fluent Persian, English and Arabic. 



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